In this performance, I transform the given space into an interactive spatial drawing.
I use brightly colored string to transform the architecture. The line instills an element of tension and distortion into the once familiar setting. By contorting my body as I weave the string, I deny the material its own natural straightness, favoring a playful approach: I connect different parts of the building with the cord, change its installation throughout the performance, and invite the audience to join in. Wherever there is friction between the cord and other elements, the cord becomes a musical string producing weird sounds, whenever it is in a knot, the passersby are encouraged to try to unravel it or add to its complexity, and whenever it lies peacefully on the ground, the audience can feel free to wrap it around themselves.

An earlier version with shorter yellow string has been shown in collaboration with Logi Bjarnason at Englendingarhüs, Borgarnes (IS) in 2015.

snapshot of a shifting composition

interaction with a viewer: while he holds the string, I shift my body weight sequentially onto it


the staircase allows shifting viewpoints

looking down onto the composition mid-performance

snúra/cord, 2016
performance (durational)
at Grófarhús Reykavík

camera: Marco Körner

playing the string: tension creates sound

connecting to the structure of the old house

interaction: a viewer weaves the string into a structure for me to perform with

contorting my body to become a shape in the composition

learning to fly: interaction with Logi on the upper level

navel (string theory/string practise), 2015
performance (durational)
at Englendingarhús Borgarnes

camera: Marco Körner and Lisa Mazzocchi