Six inches of water were enough to let my book boxes collapse in a domino effect. This destruction went unnoticed until the next day, by which time the books were completely soaked.

This photo series reimagines this moment: The books are photographed floating in water from above. Due to the dissolution of the binding, individual pages are detached from the compactness of the book body; the drama of destruction is visually reinterpreted as a dreamlike transition from the solid object to a flexible deep-sea creature.

Floater (Harold Pinter: Theaterstücke.)

Floater (Walther von der Vogelweide: Die Gedichte.)

Floater (Malcom Lowry: Unter dem Vulkan.)

Floater (Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde.)

Floater (Claude Simon: Der Blinde Orion.)

Floater (Stefan George: Gedichte. Feldpostausgabe.)

Floater (Ödön von Horv├íth: Figaro lässt sich scheiden.)

Floaters, 2018
photo prints on aluminium (series of 7)
50 x 75 cm