This work is based on a personal parting rite: I have made a list of unspoken farewells and wrote letters of different lengths to these once close persons. With a fine brush dipped in water without using pigment, I wrote the words on delicate japanese washi paper. They disappeared upon drying.

After the evaporation, the paper‘s structure has been altered; the performative act of writing turns into a sculptural gesture. The scripture becomes an illegible trace, which creates a tension in dialogue with the work which is not resolved.

studio view (wall mounting) at projektraum pool, Karlsruhe, 2016


installation view (suspended hanging) at Regional Museum Krasnodar, 2016
works in the background by Katalin Moldvay

installation view (work in progress) at "rites of passage", 2016

detail: the glue junction of two pages

detail: a letter of 7 pages, unglued

illegible letters, 2016
water and glue on 77 pages of washi paper, 250 x 250 cm